Sub Ninja Bass Analyzer Plugin Is FREE Until February 29th


The Him DSP offers the Sub Ninja bass analyzer plugin as a free download until February 29th, 2024.

Sub Ninja is a plugin that provides in-depth visual feedback on the lower frequencies to help ensure the perfect kick/sub/bass on every track.

The plugin comes from the mind of Dutch DJ The Him, a man who knows a thing or two about the perfect kick and bass.

Sub Ninja usually costs £29.99, but you can download it for free using the discount code THEHIMFAMILY.

As we all know, when producing or mixing music, some problems are glaringly obvious, like the outrageously terrible vocal stylings of Florance Foster Jenkins; unfortunately, the only parameter adjustment that could provide any relief in her case was lowering the volume.

Some problems are much more difficult to detect, even with excellent monitors.

Mixing in the lower frequencies is often one of those problem areas where it’s easier to miss potential problems. Sub Ninja acts as an insurance policy, ensuring you see every possible issue, even if you can’t hear them.

The plugin provides clear and accurate visual feedback in the form of in-depth, real-time bass-level waveform analysis. Sub Ninja allows you to zoom in without losing clarity so you can make adjustments with absolute precision.

To make some unheard issues even easier to see, the plugin has a handy Warning function that highlights any areas that drop below the specified frequency.

Unlike a typical spectrum analyzer, Sub Ninja uses waveforms to provide more accurate information on important aspects like timing to pinpoint issues quickly.

Once you identify any areas you want to work on, you can adjust the frequency of the lowpass filter, redrawing waveforms on the fly for an immediate fix.

For some problems, it might be true enough to say they aren’t real problems if you can’t hear them, and I’m sure Sub Ninja will unearth some issues that don’t automatically need to be fixed.

But you just never know, and a plugin that means you are always fully aware before making decisions is a good thing. Any plugin that helps you work cleaner and has the potential to save time is worth having, especially while it’s free.

Talking of free stuff, I know many of you have already entered our Abletunes giveaway, but if not, get in while you can.

Sub Ninja is available in AU, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (Intel/M1/M2) and Windows.

Check out the deal: Sub Ninja (Usually $29, you can get it for free using the discount code “THEHIMFAMILY”)


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  1. It’s very nice as a free plugin. A much improved s(m)exoscope. I wouldn’t say it adds enough extra functionality over free alternative for its full price though, but experienced mixers might disagree.

  2. “Lower the volume” Lol James, good one 😊 thank you, BPB & The Him
    I like this plugin & the option of an extra layer of fine detail to check your mix if you need to 👍

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  4. Fyi, i had to request a licence via an email, via an A.I. bot on the developers ecomerce website “Paddle”.
    I’ve got to say, it wasn’t the easiest process. Although the bot did seem to ask and understand the questions, which is better than some humans ive dealt with.. lol

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