99Sounds Releases FREE Nature Sounds Sample Pack


Our indie sound design label 99Sounds has just released a new FREE sound pack called Nature Sounds, made by Free To Use Sounds, and it’s available for you to enjoy.

It’s a collection of royalty-free nature field recordings recorded in Taiwan divided into the following categories: Animals, Forest, Rain, Water, and Wind.

It can be an excellent addition to our recent Rain Sounds and Water Sounds releases. 

The new Nature Sounds sound pack offers more sonic variety and perfectly fits the sound design, film, social media, and music production scenarios.

The library includes the following sound categories:

  • Animals (frogs, squirrels, insects)
  • Forest (ambiance and vegetation)
  • Rain (soft rain and heavy rain)
  • Water (waterfall, river, splashes)
  • Wind (different wind intensity)

Organic and real-life sound sources can serve a variety of musical projects, from a soundtrack composition to a LoFi beat, for instance. Honestly, I love these kind of sample packs.

The biggest issue with using samples in music production is that they sound artificial if repeated. It feels like looking at a series of snapshots instead of a natural animation.

The benefit of long organic samples is that they are so rich in texture and natural movement that they can make the entire piece of audio feel alive.

Inside the Nature Sounds library, you’ll find samples as short as 5 seconds or as long as 2 minutes. We included a variety of sample lengths to make the library suitable for use in music production (as short samples) and media (for long background sounds and atmospheres).

Experiment with layering a rain recording under a synthetic pad as a source of organic noise. You can also use some of the included forest sounds as a gently textured soundbed for your entire composition.

Digital silence can sometimes feel awkward, so consider adding any of the longer recordings as low-level sonic material to build over your track.

Regarding visual media contexts, such as films and video games, Nature Sounds can help generate immersive worlds that keep the audience engaged and make the audiovisual experience feel more authentic.

Furthermore, nature sounds are often highly involved in the storytelling process, triggering emotional responses or anticipating events not shown on screen.

Nature Sounds contains 83 audio files in 24-bit 96 kHz stereo WAV format.

The download size is slightly above 3 GB when uncompressed, and detailed metadata is also included.

By the way, you can get a $5 discount on the complete Free To Use Sounds bundle with over 5 TB of sounds via this link (it’s an affiliate link, so we earn a small percentage of the sale).

Download: Nature Sounds (FREE)


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