Soundevice Digital’s New Randomachine Plugin Is FREE Until April 21st


Soundevice Digital’s new Randomachine randomizer plugin, normally priced at €49, is currently available for free until April 21, 2024.

The Windows and Mac plugin is a 64-bit exclusive and is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

Soundevice Digital states “Sometimes you need to apply little imperfections to your samples to make your creation sound real and alive.”

The developer said this could apply to steps, gunshots or hi-hats, and continues “Do you want subtle differences or massive changes? Randomachine can cover any needs you may have. Copy-pasted and repeated samples can sound unique.”

Randomachine is designed to make variants of samples quickly and the developer says it “destroys uniformity and mechanical sterility.”

Use cases might include electronic music or film and game sound design. 

Each time Randomachine is triggered, the plugin alters multiple parameters from its six effects. This keeps samples from sounding monotonous. 

The effects are Pitch Shifter, Formant Shifter, Ambience, Panorama, Saturation and Time offset.

The plugin can be triggered from three sources, which are audio input, project tempo and MIDI. The MIDI operation can be triggered by tracks or controllers.

Randomachine can be synced with the track tempo. Therefore you can set it to trigger on whatever interval you set, for example on every beat or every hi-hat. 

In Transient mode, Randomachine’s “engines are ignited by the incoming signal… Every sonic hit instantly changes the settings of the selected effects.”

The plugin provides 64-bit audio quality at any sampling rate, including 192 kHz and higher.

Randomachine operates a smart bypass system, which ensures that changing parameters does not produce clicks or unwanted artefacts. The code also compensates for latency, keeping the bypass states in sync with each other. 

Soundevice Digital has also included a smart sleep mode when the plugin is silent, saving resources for other processes. 

Randomachine uses license files to activate the software, so no internet access is required for activation.

You’re able to freely use the plugin on any of your devices and the developer states they will continue updating the plugin for free for life.

If you miss out on the current sale, you can try out Randomachine via a free 15-day full-feature trial. 

Randomachine was developed by Soundevice Digital and is distributed by United Plugins. United Plugins hosts several Soundevice Digital plugins, as well as those by other creators.

Check out the deal: Randomachine (Introductory discount 100% – FREE until April 21st)


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  1. Nakst releases free ExtraBold synth – but there’s a twist: it’s AU, CLAP and FL Studio only

  2. Works well but surprisingly hungry on the CPU, I say surprisingly because Melda plugins in general are CPU friendly. Thank you Steve!

      • CoopMusic247


        No SoundDevice and distributed by UnitedPlugins. Nothing to do with Melda. I think its dope though and it’s not hitting hard on my cpu in Reaper7 Windows 11

        • I got an email from Melda after ordering thanking me for purchase. Randomachine with Melda order number (along with the United plugins email) so I guess they do have something to do with it.

        • Looks like an MXXX running behind the scenes with a nice GUI, also the preset manager is same as in the Melda plugins. I’m on Reaper 7 – Windows 11 as well on a very capable 8 core-16 thread Ryzen CPU but comparing to other multi-fx plugins, this is a bit heavy on the CPU.

  3. Can’t checkout. Chrome win10. It keep making pop up “Message from the payment gateway:” and nothing happens.

  4. urGoh the Wanderer


    Use with caution; it introduces very low, but audible clicks and pops. Not simply artifacts because at very, very subtle settings they’re still there. These can cause big problems for your mixes.

    Also clock-synced mode doesn’t seem to quite keep up, or maybe it doesn’t even buffer ahead at all, but it causes very heavy flamming and is essentially unusable in it’s current state.

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