FREE Sample Pack #1: Commodore 64 [SID 8580] MSSIAH Drummer Drum Kit



This free sample pack  features a collection of drum sounds recorded from my Commodore 64 computer (SID8580 installed). The drum sounds were generated using the MSSIAH cartridge runing the MSSIAH Drummer application.

Inside you’ll find a total of 22 samples in 16-bit WAV format (8 kicks, 8 snares, two toms, two hihats, one cowbell and one clap sample, all of which are part of the default MSSIAH Drummer drum kit).


A really short demo (mp3 quality):


Download Free Commodore 64 Drum Samples: click here

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  1. Lorenzo Gatti on

    The file size is only 801 KB (as might be expected of 22 short samples).
    Why does the page say 38.6 MB? Did you remove some extra files?

    • bedroomproducers on

      omg, that was one massive typo! sorry about the confusion, i’ve fixed it now. the archive size is 800.5 kb, and it’s always been like that. thanks for reporting and enjoy the samples.

  2. Wow! Thanks dude!
    I’ve recently been really into 8-bit music, and composing with trackers. I realy needed some drum samples to make music on my DS with NitroTracker.

    Just to make sure, these are royalty free right?
    I guess so. I’ll give you credit sometimes anyway.

    • bedroom producers blog on

      hi steven, no one ever reported such an issue with this pack – can you normally download other files from Mediafire?

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