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Myagi Sound Design Releases Munitions, Free DJ Effects Sample Library

Myagi Sound Design is a company specialized in offering soundsets suitable for EDM producers and DJs. They have now released Munitions, a free sample library featuring samples and loops suitable for DJs.

Munitions is Part FX bank, part Vocal Tool, part drum machine, Munitions is not revolutionary and it’s not intelligent. It is, on the other hand, a way of using a technology nearly all DJ’s already have at their disposal in a creative way that provides a set of tools to take any set to the next level.

Divided into Vocal Hits, Drum Hits, Risers and Droppers, LFO Effects and more, Munitions is a performance DJ’s ideal hip holstered 6-Shooter.

Locked in at 128 BPM with all delay tails, panning etc set to the beat, Munitions gives you the ability to scratch, cut, or treat your CDJ like a drum pad triggering sounds that are not simply “part of the next track you’re cueing,” but are designed to work as impact hits overtop of builds or during breakdowns, etc.

Munitions sample library is available for download upon registering on Myagi Sound Design Website.


Download Munitions: click here
Myagi Sound Design Website: click here

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