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bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Pitch Correction (Auto-Tune) VST/AU Plugins

bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Pitch Correction (Auto-Tune) VST/AU Plugins

This time on bpb Freeware Studio, we’re covering the best free pitch correction (Auto-Tune) plugins for Windows and Mac.

Not too many plugins to choose from in this category, but they’re pretty good tools actually, and can be used to get that Auto-Tune style effect for free.

Follow the links for screenshots & download info:

GSnap was the first freeware alternative to Auto-Tune, it’s a well-made, solid plugin with a nice set of features. Not too hard to use, but setting it up for the fist time can be a bit overwhelming. A Warbeats tutorial on using GSnap is embedded below in this article.

KeroVee is another solid free pitch correction plugin. It was recently updated with an improved pitch correction algorithm and a neat Pitch Graph.

MAutoPitch looks like a very useful plugin, although I still haven’t had the chance to properly test it. It’s fully automatable, optimized for low CPU usage, and features a nice, clean-looking user interface.

Another alternative which isn’t listed above but is wort checking out is Tom Baran’s Autotalent, available in LADSPA plugin format for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It can be used for offline pitch correction in Audacity.

So that’s all for today, have fun mixing and please don’t go all T-Pain with these freebies!

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