UnitedPlugins Release FREE TrapTune Second-Hand Edition Plugin


UnitedPlugins release TrapTune Second-Hand Edition, a freeware plugin for auto-tuning vocals.

TrapTune Second-Hand Edition is a free autotune plugin developed by UnitedPlugins. As its name suggests, the plugin has been developed to achieve the auto-tuned vocal style often heard in trap music, as well as other contemporary rap, hip-hop, and r&b genres.

It is based on the full version of TrapTune, but with limited access to control parameters. UnitedPlugins have done something similar with several products in the past, including QuickBass FREE. The users can access all presets but can’t edit all of the parameters.

According to the developer, “TrapTune is an automatic tuner that can give you everything from subtle pitch correction to the strong artificial Cher-effect. Combine it with a second voice harmony, doubler, and special FX section to get a vocal track that really stands out.”

The plugin features a simple and intuitive user-friendly interface. A single knob controls the intensity of the tuning, and you can achieve significant results with this alone. There are additional controls for altering formats, voice transposition as well as key selection.

‘Stereo mode’ activates TrapTune’s doubler, which projects the vocal across the stereo field, making vocals sound bigger, wider, and punchier. A second voice feature is a handy tool for creating harmonies.

TrapTune also includes a distortion effect that is specially tuned for vocals. The distortion has a broad range of effects, from adding subtle saturation to creating a very heavy tube-like distortion.

Both delay and reverb are available, the reverb is a plate reverb specially tuned for vocals, whilst the delay effect only gives you control over feedback and time. If you’re looking for more complicated delays, you will have to use third-party delay effects.

As we already explained, the free version of TrapTune comes with limited functionality. It can load the full version’s presets and retains the same functionality under-the-hood, but offers limited ways to edit the presets. You can still fine-tune the reverb, distortion, and delay parameters without limitations.

The plugin is available for free from UnitedPlugins. Install the 15-day trial version of TrapTune, and the free Second-Hand Edition will activate automatically after the trial expires. The full version of the plugin is also on sale, 50% off, until the 27th of November.

TrapTune Second-Hand Edition is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

Download: TrapTune Second-Hand Edition


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  1. Michael Jackson


    I bought the full version for $39.50 at ASDR after trying out this trial. This is a really cool plugin. Put on synth track and it does some really cool things. Worth trying out the trial to see if it meets your needs but try it also on other tracks beside Vocals.

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