Variety Of Sound Releases NastyDLA mkII!

NastyDLA mkII by Variety Of Sound.

NastyDLA mkII by Variety Of Sound.

Variety Of Sound has released NastyDLA mkII, an updated version of their fantastic freeware delay effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

The mkII version of this plug-in is an overall technical redesign and features “stateful saturation” algorithms for an overall improved sound experience and changes several things under the hood. Basically, NastyDLA mkII remains feature wise the very same but introduces the input stage modelled by this new and exciting technology and also redesigns the tape compression algorithm for an improved IM distortion performance.

NastyDLA mkII is available for free download via Variety Of Sound.

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What’s New?

Changes in NastyDLA mkII:

  • The behaviour of the input stage has been changed. It acts output level compensated now and only is active if the SAT switch is engaged. It is modeled based upon a stateful saturation algorithm which sound wise turns in to a way better distortion performance as well as a more “3d” sound perception.
  • The tape compressor has been improved for a better IM distortion performance and a less muddy sound.
  • The level of noise which can be dialed in has been altered. The level itself is corrected and by moving the according knob to the left-most position the noise can be switched off.


Download NastyDLA mkII: click here

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  1. Most plugins by VOS simply kill their concurrents, offering a freeware with killer sound and features.
    And never do emulations of real gear, witch are pontless.
    The spirit is better to capture than the real thing.

    I’m more and more impressed…this mkII just after the ThrillseekerLA.

  2. I like and use VoS-plugins a lot, but from time to time I catch myself thinking his plugs could all be one big hoax. Think of it! What if this guy programms supersimple plugins in synthedit, gives them a fancy GUI and praises them with all these juicy catchwords. You pull the knobs and the sound barely changes. Wow, you think, this is magic. But It’s nothing but a joke on audiophile esotherics. I’m pretty sure it isnn’t, but it could be!

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      oooooh, conspiracy theory! :)

      anwyay – that’s understandable, since some of VOS plugins are indeed very subtle… but trust me, they’re very good and there is no scam. if you have questions about any of the plugins and what they do, feel free to ask, i’m willing to help!

    • Do you really think that musicians could be so dumb to love the VoS plugins just because of the GUI?

      Then you rather have to blame WAVES instead of VoS. Because THESE are the guys who make some simple plugins and claim much money for it… And because they have a good name, everybody has to got the plugins – because when you have no WAVE plugins, you are no serious producer… There are some great WAVE plugins, but also several plugins that aren’t worth the money.

      I think that some plugins from VoS are indeed better than many WAVE plugins!

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