Scratchy – A Free Ableton Live Scratch Generator By Digital DJ Tools


Digital DJ Tools has released Scratchy, a free scratch/rhythm generator instrument rack for Ableton Live 8 (does not require M4L).

Scratchy for Ableton is an Instrument Rack based on the standalone Scratchy instrument and is used to create scratch-like rhythmic sounds.

Scratchy is available for free download via Digital DJ Tools (532kB download size, contains 1 instrument rack in AMXD file format).

The rack is based on the standalone version of Scratchy, which is also completely free. You can grab it for Mac or Windows if you register for a free account at Digital DJ Tools.

Scratchy uses white noise and passes it through a LPF and various effects to get the characteristic scratch sound. It sounds pretty decent too, judging by the video demonstration.

Video Demo

Check out the Scratchy demo video:


Download Scratchy: click here

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