Mokafix Audio VST Plugins Archive! (Free Download)


Download free Mokafix Audio VST plugins!

Bedroom Producers Blog is proud to host all of the freeware VST plugins which were developed by Mokafix Audio, with kind permission of the author.

Mokafix Audio has developed a number of high quality guitar pedal emulations and virtual electric piano instruments for Windows, both commercial and freeware.

Unfortunately, none of these were available for download as of recently, so I’ve decided to contact Efflam Le Bivic of Mokafix Audio (now a graphic designer at Native Instruments) personally and ask him if it would be OK to host the freeware ones on BPB. Thankfully, he said yes!

Metal Clone (Overdrive)

Metal Clone by Mokafix Audio.

Metal Clone by Mokafix Audio.

Metal Clone by Mokafix Audio is a hi-gain metal distortion pedal emulation, inspired by a famous analog overdrive stompbox. It features Drive and Volume controls, a parametric EQ, Mono/Stereo modes, and full MIDI learn support.

Download Metal Clone: click here

Nu-Tron (Envelope Filter)

Nu-Tron by Mokafix Audio.

Nu-Tron by Mokafix Audio.

Nu-Tron by Mokafix Audio is an envelope filter (aka auto-wah) pedal emulation, based on a well-known analog stompbox. Nu-Tron features Range and Drive settings, 3 different filter modes (LP/BP/HP), Gain and Peak controls, and full MIDI learn support.

Download Nu-Tron: click here

NoAmp! (Amp & Cab Sim)

NoAmp! by Mokafix Audio.

NoAmp! by Mokafix Audio.

NoAmp! by Mokafix Audio is a guitar amp and cabinet simulation, based on a hardware stompbox with similar features. The plugin features Volume and Drive settings, 2 tone controls, 3 gain modes, 3 mic positions, 3 amp models (California/British/Tweed), and full MIDI learn support. It’s a great tool for those times when you simply want to plug your guitar in and have a quick jam, without messing with the settings too much.

Download NoAmp!: click here

Glue Reeds (Electric Piano)

Glue Reeds by Mokafix Audio.

Glue Reeds by Mokafix Audio.

Glue Reeds by Mokafix Audio is a virtual electric piano instrument, based on their commercial Blue Reeds plugin (not available anymore). Glue Reeds is as simple plugin with almost zero controls, but with a great warm sound which I really love.

Download Glue Reeds: click here

Video Demo

Check out the Glue Reeds demo video:


Mokafix Audio On KVR: click here

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  1. Thanks, I had been recommended the NoAmp just the other day but couldn’t find a working download link. Cheers BPB :)

  2. What ever happened with the Mokafix plug-ins? Why were they not offered for sale for so many years?

    Were Efflam’s Mokafix algorithms used in another product.. like Guitar Rig? I’ve always been very curious about this!

    • As far as I’m aware, Efflam has only worked in a Graphic Design capacity at Native Instruments, I don’t think he has had any involvement with the DSP side.

      I don’t have any firm facts on why Efflam stopped developing his plugins but I’d imagine it’s most likely his contract with Native Instruments prohibited him from doing so. It’s fairly standard practice within the Audio Industry that you agree to not work within the same field for anyone else, including yourself.

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      the commercial plugins were removed a while ago, probably because they were emulations of actual hardware units.

      the freeware stuff was available up until recently, but then the Mokafix Audio website got completely messed up.

  3. i really like this plugins and i also bought a few but not all. i don´t understand why he don´t make them all for free now that would be a great news.

  4. funny, i was checking his website 4 days ago during my “annual spring vst cleaning”. used to like those plugs very much. it might be the time to rediscovered them. thanks bpb !

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      damn, it works fine here. anyone else having problems with this one?

      did the plugin work for you before?

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