Sixth Sample’s Spoton is a Free Vocal Tuning Plugin


Sixth Sample released Spoton, a free vocal tuning plugin for Windows and macOS.

We already covered the best free autotune plugins, and Spoton could be the latest addition to the list.

The 64-bit exclusive release is available for the following formats: Windows (AU, VST3 or AAX) and macOS (VST3 or AAX).

The developer Sixth Sample describes Spoton as a simple yet powerful vocal tuning solution. 

The developer states that it is a “free automatic pitch correction plugin with a clean sound and low latency… [with]an octave of keys to select your scale, two knobs to set the correction style.”

The plugin can be downloaded with one click. You can provide your email address, but it’s not mandatory.

The 10 MB Zip file contains the Windows and macOS installers, as well as the manual. 

The tagline for Sixth Sample is making music production effortless, and I have to say they’ve lived up to that with this super easy download process. 

The developer describes the sound quality as “competitive,” an adjective you don’t often hear developers use when promoting their product. 

But you don’t have to take their word for it, as on the product page, there’s a 15-minute overview video so you can hear Spoton in action yourself, as well as get a deeper insight into how the parameters interact. 

Sixth Sample has provided Spoton with a minimalist user interface, which features only the following parameters: Amount, Speed, settings and a single octave keyboard. 

Above the keyboard is a display which maps the pitch of the audio signal across 12 notes, and it tracks on a continuous scale that includes the pitches in between the notes. 

Spoton features individually selectable and automatable target notes. There are also 10 themes to pick from.

The plugin is compatible with Windows 8.1 or newer and macOS 10.13 or newer (universal binary).

Spoton is the 10th plugin release from Sixth Sample and the third free release. 

The other two free releases are the Cramit OTT-style compressor and Deelay delay. 

Sixth Sample’s paid lineup of plugins features the NASE stereo enhancer, Deelay PE delay, SSF filter, F(l)atter dynamic multiband distortion, Clips all-in-one dynamics processor, Cramit PE linear-phase OTT comp and the Further verb and panner. 

If you’re a big fan of this lineup, you can save with the Sixth Sample All Plugins Bundle for €149.95.

Download: Spoton (FREE)


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