Pluginboutique Offers An Exclusive $29 Bundle For A Limited Time


Pluginboutique is offering an Exclusive bundle of music production goodies for just 29$ (95% off the price of all the individual products summed together) until the 30th of April.

The Pluginboutique $29 Bundle comes with 11 plugins, over 4.5 GB of samples, a 1-month Artist Plan subscription to Loopcloud, and a FREE copy of Softube VCA Compressor after registering your Loopcloud account.

This is the detailed content of the included products:

  • Usynth 2080 by UJAM
  • bx_masterdesk by Brainworx
  • Loopcloud 1-Month Artist Plan
  • Lifeline Expanse Lite by Excite Audio
  • Freezr by Audiomodern
  • Tactic and Cryogen by Glitchmachines
  • Perfect Plate XL by Denise Audio
  • Pripyat by MNTRA Instruments
  • Choric Quartet by Caelum Audio
  • Rift Filter Lite by Minimal Audio
  • Melodic Tech for Serum by The Tone Foundry
  • Broken Breaks, Ultimate Vocals, and Sound FX sample packs by Loopmasters

While many of you will recognize some of these plugins as past freebies or gifts of the month at Pluginboutique, it’s still a highly valued bundle for any music producer looking to expand his tools.

Remember, any purchase also comes with a free gift of either Audified U78 Saturator or Excite Audio Vision until the 30th of April.

Let’s take a look at some selected picks inside the bundle.

Usynth 2080

Fans of the UJAM brand will enjoy this synthwave-inspired synthesizer because of its quick accessibility to quality sounds. In short, no sound design programming skills are needed to get some fantastic synthwave sounds.

It offers a slick, modern interface divided into three main sections: Sequencer, Synthesizer, and Finisher.

Don’t be fooled by this simplicity, though. The complexity of the synth’s architecture is hidden on purpose to make it more appealing to the end user who prefers jamming over sound design.


Freezr is a powerful Freeze sequencer plugin designed by Audiomodern to capture and sequence audio more innovatively and expressively.

It freezes audio segments in real-time for expressive manipulation during performance, perfect for complex rhythmic movement and edits/remixes on the fly.

Melodic Tech for Serum

Users of the renowned Xfer Records synth Serum might enjoy this expansion pack of 50 presets and 50 bonus samples capturing the contemporary sound of melodic techno and tech-house.

It delivers harmonious synths, thunderous basslines, moody melodics, and a rich palette of sonic textures that form a solid foundation for underground groove enthusiasts.

All included software is compatible with 64-bit machines on either Mac or Windows with VST, VST3, and AU as available formats.

Get the deal: Pluginboutique $29 Bundle (Until the 30th of April!)


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  1. Quantity over quality. Seems like bunch of glut packaged in together to make one final profit. Most of these have been already given out for free bunch of times, vca compressor, bx_masterdesk, loopcloud subscriptions, lifeline expanse lite, tactic, cryogen, pripyat, rift filter lite. usynth sounds like plastic to me, and doesn’t really do anything you can’t get from any other subtractive synth. Freezr looks alright if you don’t already own a similar product (Stutter Edit, Gross Beat.. dBlue Glitch I believe is free). I guess I’m just a sad hater, but I think they’d make more money if the actually offered something of value, like the UAD, SSL and Softube bundles have done.

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