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Free Casio MT-68 NI Kontakt Instrument By Jonathan Adams Leonard

Jonathan Adams Leonard (aka Weirding Module) has released a free collection of samples captured from the Casio MT-68 analogue keyboard.

Great care was taken to record the MT68 with the best equipment and minimal processing so the original sound and character is preserved. All notes and beats were sampled and looped to offer the most complete virtual version of this classic synth for years to come.

The instrument is available for free download via Weirding Module (207MB download size, contains 1 instrument in NKI format for NI Kontakt 5).

The library is formatted for Native Instruments Kontakt 5, featuring 24-bit samples of the original instrument. The author has sampled each note in each preset (all of these are looped) and all of the drum beats and fills from the original instrument.

Unfortunately, the individual WAV files are not provided, so you’ll need a copy of Kontakt 5 in order to use these sounds without any limitations.

Here’s a little video demo of the original instrument:


Download Casio MT-68 Kontakt Library: click here

3 Responses to “Free Casio MT-68 NI Kontakt Instrument By Jonathan Adams Leonard”

  • Yes yes YES!!! I can only say thanks! I got that little piano when I´m was 7 years old!! Then I do a change with a friend for a gameboy, and never know about that… Sometimes when I remember that piece I try to search it around the net but with no results… Now I got it in a Virtual Instrument and know the exact model (I forgot it!)

    Thanks a lot for this piece of soft!!

  • Also available as SFZ library – yay!

  • Hi folks, glad you like this library! As Bmovie mentioned, the sfz version is now available too, which includes the wav files.

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