WOK Releases REFO-D Freeware Reverse Delay VST Plugin



WOK has released REFO-D, a freeware reverse delay effect in VST plugin format for Windows and the first release in a forthcoming series of simple effect units.

The first plugin of a new “one trick pony” series: an easy to use delay with reverse-forward sound option and a filter in the feedback path.

REFO-D is available for free download via WOK’s Facebook page (3.1 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

Although the download link is located, it is not necessary to click the Like button on WOK’s page. Simply visit the page linked above and hit the download link to get your free copy of the REFO-D delay effect.

Reverse delay effects are somewhat of a rarity in the freeware world (GRevDly is the only other one I have installed on my computer), so I’m pleasantly surprised by WOK’s latest release. The thing with reverse delays is that the delayed signal is played in reverse, which is a really cool effect. Try improvising a guitar solo or a synthesizer lead sequence with this effect, you’ll have a blast!

REFO-D can also do some pretty neat sounding filtered delay effects, thanks to the resonant filter in its filter path. You can hear an example of this, as well as the reverse delay effect on a drum loop, in the demo track which is embedded below.

WOK has announced that this is the first release in a forthcoming series of simple one-trick-pony plugins. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us, although I’ll soon be upgrading my system to 64-bit which will probably be the end of SynthEdit plugins for me, sadly.

Audio Demo

Check out the REFO-D audio demo:


Download REFO-D: click here

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  1. FWIW I’ve been able to run SynthEdit-based plugins just fine on my 64-bit machine using Reaper, although having more than one instance of the same plugin open simultaneously can crash.

    I love reverse delay as an effect. Looking forward to downloading this one.

    • Reaper 64 should work fine with 32bit plugins. Also the JBRIDGE tool is very good. Old Synthedit plugins may cause problems with more than 2 instances in a project, please read the FAQ on my page for resolving this.

  2. I wouldn’t ditch SE plugins just because your going 64 bit, I went 64 bit ages ago and I use lots of 32 bit plugins. Both my main hosts (FL Studio and Reaper) have “Bitbridges” and they work just fine. Which is cool because I really don’t want to lose my xoxos plugins. :-)

    As for the crashes mentioned by Pete above, this only affects plugins made before in a version of Synthedit before v1.1 when the issue was fixed. As far as I’m aware Wok uses the latest stable version so you should be fine.

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