Amazing FREE Synth VST Pack By Elektrostudio Available! A Gift From Poland!


All of a sudden, without any previous warning and hype, in the morning of May 15th 2009, a Polish developer team Elektrostudio have released a pack of 10 freeware VST synths, all of them OUTSTANDING recreations of authentic hardware! Look below for two quick screenshots (courtesy of ouroboros@KVR).

Micromoon – a MicroMoog emulation, obviously:


Sixth Month June – a Juno 6:


The complete list of VST’s included in alphabetic order:

  • Davosynth
  • eSline
  • Micromoon
  • MoonSonoSx
  • Ocet
  • OdSay
  • Or2v
  • Rhythmus
  • SixthMonthJune
  • Tapeotronic

The developer’s website gives no info on the pack, so everyone was puzzled by it’s contents… people on KVR forums suspected the whole thing may be a fraud, an attempt to share viruses, etc. Click here to go straight to the KVR thread and read the details.

Still, it turned out that these VST’s are all clean, authentic freeware, and that the developers have created a great hype by being so mysterious. And they sound AMAZINGLY AWESOME! The plugins were meant to be released as payware, but Elektrostudio ran into troubles when they tried to start a business, so they decided to go freeware. THANKS TO THEM!


Currently unavailable! Click here for info.

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