Free Samples For October 18th, 2010


A sweet cocktail of freebie samples, made with four refreshingly different ingredients.

  • SuperCycles by TeamDNR – A package of 10 custom single-cycle waveforms, sampled across
    a minimum of 5 octaves.
  • Deep Tech and Progressive Taster Pack by Wave Alchemy – A free taster pack with over 50MB of sounds taken directly from “Deep Tech & Progressive”. Follow the Free Samples link on the product page. You need to be registered on the Wave Alchemy website to access the freebies. An alternative link available here.
  • Zvon’s Halloween Free Sample Pack by Zvon – Zvon’s Halloween sample pack is once again available for free download. It contains a range of weird and interesting samples including some very cool outtakes from old movies.
  • Ajatar Kantele by Matti Strahlendorff – Kantele has a long history rooted in the finnish national epic, the Kalevala, and is the national instrument of Finland. Here is a free sample pack containing carefully recorded kantele samples, available in Kontakt format.

That’s it for today, sip slowly and have fun using the samples! ;]


Free Sample Shootout Series: click here
bpb Samples: click here

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