Optron 3A And Solid4010 By PHOENIXINFLIGHT


To break this 5-day period without new posts on bpb (I hate you, exams!), here’s a couple of lovely looking and easy to use VST effects.

Optron 3A, a freeware compressor VST by PHOENIXINFLIGHT.

Optron 3A, a freeware compressor VST by PHOENIXINFLIGHT.

PHOENIXINFLIGHT already has several freeware VST releases behind him and this time he’s bringing us a simple compressor and a channel-trip style parametric eq. All of his plugins were developed using the SynthMaker engine, which I don’t mind really since they’re pretty usefull little gems and they all look delicious!

Optron 3A is an opto-style compressor with a specific processing behavior ranging from soft leveling to rather hard, squashing compression. The attack and release controls are auto-calibrated, so it’s fairly easy to use and quite a handy tool if you’re new to compression techniques.

Solid4010 is a 4-band EQ with extra shelving filters and a channel strip style design. It’s layout and parameters are inspired by the famous SSL 4000 console. Solid4010 comes with 14 presets which make a nice starting point for further tweaks. Screenshot available here.


Download Optron 3A And Solid4010: click here
PHOENIXINFLIGHT Website: click here

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