U-He Tyrell N6 Alpha Available For Download!


BIG NEWS! You know Urs Heckmann, the talented dude who developed those famous ACE and Zebra virtual synthesizers?

Tyrell N6 is an upcoming freeware VSTi by Urs Heckmann.

Tyrell N6 is an upcoming freeware VSTi by Urs Heckmann.

Well he’s currently working on a freeware synth called Tyrell N6, and the first alpha version has just been made available for download. Its architecture is based on a community project that started over at Amazona.de forums. You can find a lot more info about this topic here.

Anyway, reading some of the comments around the web it seems like not everyone is excited about this synth project since it doesn’t bring a lot of innovation. But I’m a huge sucker for classic VA’s, and having a classic virtual analog synth coming for free from the guy behind U-He is insane!

You can get the download link at the Amazona.de Tyrell N6 thread. You will have to become a registered member, and it’s a German website so happy navigation. ;]

Audio Demo

Here’s a Tyrell N6 demo track made by Frank123:

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/8429095″]

Download Tyrell N6 Patches

Several KVR forum members have posted their Tyrell N6 patches. Here’s the list with download links:

The patches should be saved to Tyrell N6TyrellN6.dataPresetsTyrellN6 on your hard drive.


Download Tyrell N6: click here
U-He Website: click here

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