Tension Buildup Tutorial By The Dubspot Audio Production School


Dubspot is one of the several audio production schools which have specialised into modern electronic music production and DJing.

They offer lots of free video tutorials on their Youtube channel, and the two tutorials featured in this article are covering the topic of creating a tension buildup just before the main part of a track drops. These sorts of hype buildups are actually somewhat of a backbone of modern dancefloor tunes, and building a perfect drop is an art by itself.

These two tutorials cover the basic aspects of synthesis and sound design techniques that could be useful in achieving this task, and may help you if you’re struggling with your buildups.

The tutorial was made using Ableton Live and a standard 4×4 beat arrangement, but the techniques used in it can be applied to any other DAW and music style.

So anyway, hope you enjoy the vids and check out the Dubspot audio production school’s Youtube channel if you’re looking for more free music production tutorials.


Dubspot Youtube Channel: click here
Dubspot Audio Production School Website: click here

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