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ScorchCrafter C120, An Open-Source Guitar Amp VST


The freeware guitar plugin fiesta continues! ScorchCrafter has released the ScorchCrafter C120, an open-source  guitar amp head VST effect for Windows.

C120 by ScorchCrafter.

C120 by ScorchCrafter.

Here’s more info:

The SC C120 is a complete guitar amp head emulator in a VST/AU plug-in, using 64-bit internal distortion. After being in development for a over a year, it is now GPL-ed open source starting with version 3.0.


Main features of ScorchCrafter C120:

  • 64-bit internal processing multi-stage distortion.
  • Two input EQ filters.
  • Two stages of output EQ tone stack.
  • High-gain and grundge/semi-clean channels.
  • Should work on older machines as well, advanced CPU instructions not required (SSE, SSE2, etc.).
  • Independent oversampling controls for both online and offline audio processing.
  • Oversampling up to 16x internally, also with “mute” and “bypass” settings.
  • Should run in most 32-bit DAW hosts as well (support for v2.4 VSTs required).
  • GPL license only applies to plug-in itself – any audio created is 100% YOURS.
  • Runs at sample rates from 44,100 Hz (minimum) up to 768,000 Hz (max can be changed with recompile of source code).
  • Used to be (but is no longer) a closed-source freeware experiment for a long time, now open source starting with version 3.x.


Download ScorchCrafter C120: click here
ScorchCrafter Website: click here

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