Argotlunar, A Free Realtime Delay-Line Granulator

Argotlunar by Michael Ourednik.

Argotlunar by Michael Ourednik.

Michael Ourednik has released Argotlunar, a freeware realtime delay-line granulator for Windows and Linux. It is available both as a 32bit and 64bit plugin, and the C++ source code is also available for download.

Now, I must admit I wasn’t really shure of what a “realtime delay-line granulator” is supposed to do, but the following text explains it well:

Argotlunar is a realtime delay-line granulator. It breaks up an incoming audio stream into short samples (Grains). Each grain can have random settings of amplitude, panning, duration, delay, pitch, glissando, filter and envelope. The output of all grains is mixed and sent to the main output. The main output can be fed back into the main input.

Time-related parameters can be synced to the host tempo, for rhythmic or pulsing textures. Pitch-related parameters can be quantized for harmonic or melodic effects. Feedback can create chaotic and distorted sounds.

Most of the parameters can be correlated.
(Examples; Higher filter cutoff for grains with higher pitch, and vice versa. Grains with shorter duration can be panned to the center, and conversely the grains with longer duration can be panned wide in the stereo field. )

Sounds like fun. Can’t wait to test this one.


Main features of Argotlunar:

  • Completely rewritten. Uses approximately 30% less CPU.
  • “Correlation Matrix”.
  • Time and pitch quanitization.
  • Comb filter.
  • Freeze delay buffer.
  • Glissando now works correctly.
  • Raised-Cosine-Bell and Triangle envelopes, with adjustable shape.


Download Argotlunar: click here

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