Free AAS Player With 40 Instrument Patches Released By Applied Acoustic Systems


Applied Acoustic Systems have released the freeware AAS Player bundled with the free Swatches sound compilation containing 40 instruments from their commercial sound libraries.

Free AAS Player by Applied Acoustic Systems.

Free AAS Player by Applied Acoustic Systems.

The player  is available as a VST plugin for Windows and Mac, and can also host the AAS commercial libraries, including Journeys, Entangled Species, Analog Essentials, Ultra FX, etc.

Now, I’ve never been too impressed with such simple preset players, since they often take too much HDD space and offer too little fun in return. But this little 4.7MB download actually includes some pretty dope sounds, including several really cool pads and arpeggio sequences. It is also pretty lightweight, non-intrusive, and looks pretty sleek. It doesn’t feel like a cut-down version of some bigger product, but actually works as a nice little freeware plugin, and a simple but yet very useful collection of 40 instruments. Make sure you check out the Ossuary patch from the Jurneys library, a lovely mellow piano patch that one.

The freeware AAS Player is indeed a nice surprise, and a recommended download.


Download Swatches (Free AAS Player Included): click here
Applied Acoustic Systems Website: click here

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