Tromine GT, A Freeware Roland TR-808 Inspired VSTi Plugin By Marvin Pavillion

Tromine GT by MARVIN VST.

Tromine GT by MARVIN VST.

Tromine GT is a free virtual drum machine (Roland TR-808 emulation) in VSTi plugin format for Windows (made with SynthEdit). The plugin generates all of its sounds using synthesis (no samples are used in Tromine GT, thanks to beta tester for telling me this in the comments), and it does indeed sound quite 808-ish.

Definitely worth a try if you’re a sucker for drum machine VSTs like I am!

Audio Demo

Check out the Tromine GT audio demo:


Main features of Tromine GT:

  • 16 Analog drum synthesizers :
    • Bass drum.
    • Snare drum.
    • Low tom / Low conga.
    • Mid tom / Mid conga.
    • High tom / High tom.
    • Claves.
    • Rimshot.
    • Maracas.
    • Hand clap.
    • Cowbell.
    • Crash cymbal.
    • Closed hihat.
    • Open hihat.
  • 9 outputs.
  • MIDI CC support.
  • Automation support.


Download Tromine GT: click here
Marvin Pavillion Website: click here

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  1. Actually the Tromine Z uses samples for hihat cymbal ride and crash, but weirdly, they’re not included. Anyone’s got a good source of clean samples for this?

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