New Version Of Logana VSTi Available


Logana is a freeware virtual analog softsynth developed by TorQue Audio. The new updated version includes several bug fixes, a tweaked pitch envelope, and a few other minor changes.

Logana VSTi by TorQue Audio.

Logana VSTi by TorQue Audio.

In case you’ve missed it before, Logana is worth a try if you’re into simple VA softsynths. It was built with special attention given to physical modelling of the oscillators which emulate analog waveforms, and the filter which actually does sound quite nice.

Logana was made with SynthEdit and is available for Windows.


Main features of Logana:

  • Three analog style oscillators with four waveforms (Sine, Saw, Pulse, and Triangle).
  • Noise generator with variable level and color (tone).
  • Modulation matrix and modulation envelope.
  • LFO with Sine and triangle waveforms able to modulate pitch or pulse-width on oscillator 1, 2, 3, or all of them.
  • Lowpass filter with adjustable slope (12db, 24db, or 36db), cut-off, resonance, and a separate cut-off envelope.
  • Amplitude envelope and overdrive distortion.


Download Logana VSTi: click here
TorQue Audio Website: click here

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