TSE 808 Freeware Tube Screamer Clone Updated With A Virtual DIY Control Panel!


Ok, this has to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen implemented in a freeware VST plugin. The updated TSE 808 V1.1 now lets you explore and modify the circuit board components of your virtual Ibanez Tube Screamer!

TSE 808 v1.1 by The Serina Experiment.

TSE 808 v1.1 by The Serina Experiment.

Not that I have a clue about what can be achieved with this, but man I’m so looking forward to checking out the new version and trying to figure out what all those sweet knobs and sliders do.

The devs have also offered two interesting links containing valuable reading material for those looking for a more educated way of modding the Tube Screamer, rather than just changing the values blindly like I’m about to do:

DIY mods or not, TSE 808 is a great sounding freeware Tube Screamer emulation, so make sure you get it in case you’ve missed it before! Hope this new update turns out to be as much fun as it looks, too!


Main features of TSE 808:

  • Drive, volume and tone controls.
  • DIY control panel.
  • Bypass switch.
  • Input slider adjusts the input signal going into the plugin.
  • Dual or quad oversampling (2X/4X).
  • Stereo switch for use with two guitars at once.
  • Internal precision quality slider (5.0 millivolt to 5.0 microvolt).
  • Modeled/Programmed in C++ by onQel (John A. Johansen).
  • GUI / Artwork by FrankZappa.


Download TSE 808 v1.1: click here
TheSerinaExperiment Website: click here

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