Tek’it Audio Update Genobazz, Freeware Bass Synthesizer VSTi Plugin

Genobazz by Tek'it Audio.

Genobazz by Tek'it Audio.

Tek’it Audio have updated their freeware bass synthesizer VSTi plugin Genobazz to v1.2.2.

We are pleased to announce a new update for our freeware bass synthesizer “Genobazz”. Genobazz 1.2.2 has new features and some bugs fixed.

New features include a maximum MIDI pitch bend range control, a right click pop-up menu with standard position for panoramic knob and some little enhancements on the GUI.

The updated also includes a set of 6 new factory presets.

I’m usually not a big fan of specialised synths such as this one, but Genobazz is actually quite useful when you need to quickly dial up a decent electronic bass sound.

Another freeware plugin by Tek’it Audio called 8kut is available for download on this page.

Audio Demo

Check out the Genobazz demo track:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/tekit-audio/tka-genobazz-demo”]

What’s New

Changes in Genobazz v1.2.2:

  • Check out the download page
  • Maximum pitch bend range control added
  • Panoramic right click pop-up menu control added
  • 6 new factory presets added
  • Bug on MIDI learn for Pitch knob resolved
  • GUI next & previous patch sprite updated
  • GUI some visual enchancement
  • GUI some Hint texts changed
  • User manual updated
  • Setup english end message updated


Download Genobazz VSTi: click here
Tek’it Audio Website: click here

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