AudioCube 3D Audio Workstation Offers FREE Beta Access To 50 Users 


AudioCube is a 3D audio application that has been in development for several years, and now its developer has officially opened the doors for public beta testing. 

The spots are limited to 50 beta testers, so sign up if you’re interested in the project and want to get involved! (I did already, so should I say there are 49 spots left? :D).

So, what is this project about?

AudioCube is a 3D DAW, that is to say, a spatial digital audio workstation. 

It’s a standalone application developed in Unity that is compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms (Intel and Silicon have separate installers).

It is reported on their website that a mobile/iOS version is currently in development, so keep an eye out for that in the future!

AudioCube gives users a virtual acoustic space to create and play with sound. 

You can experiment with physics-based interactive audio devices to play with sound objects innovatively and unconventionally.

You’ll be familiar with many audio devices, like samplers, mixers, effects, and filters, but you’ll find them in a new environment for musical composition.

The first thing you’ll likely try when first getting accustomed to the software is to move the virtual mic or camera around the sound objects to hear the effect of spatialization and 3D audio.

Tickers are sound objects that provide a way to sequence audio based on temporal repetitions.

You can experiment with non-synced relations, which is a perfect gateway to ambient music.

If you’re after precise time-sequencing and rhythms, you can also access the Timeline feature.

The software has an 8-channel mixer with built-in Distortion, 3-band EQ, 4 send effects, and a routable output volume.

A funny game-like feature is the Emitters, with orbs triggering audio on collision.

Physics and music composition have an interesting relationship here.

For example, the velocity of collision is associated with MIDI velocity.

This reminded me of a cool iOS app called Musyc I jammed with a while ago which had a similar intuition.

The greatest thing is that everything that you create inside this virtual studio can be recorded and captured as a WAV file in real time to be further processed and sequenced in other workstations.

You can think of AudioCube as a new sonic environment to explore, that can inspire musicians, sound designers, and engineers to work in an unorthodox way.

Download: AudioCube (The free trial comes with limitations)


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  1. Noah Feasey-Kemp


    Hey guys,

    It’s Noah here, the creator of AudioCube.

    Thanks for all the interest so far! There are still many spaces left, but I’ll be extending the number of seats so everybody can take part.

    You can find out more about the beta here:

    The registration form is linked inside!

    Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing from you,

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