DHPlugins’ New Bass-Face Multi-Effect Plugin is Free for Limited Time


DHPlugins launched the Bass-Face multi-effect plugin, and it’s free for a limited time, which is down from a list price of £15. However, please note that you’ll need to provide a physical address and your email address when signing up (we know that many BPB readers won’t like this).

The developer describes the macOS and Windows plugin as a “one-knob-style multi-effect plugin designed to add presence and distortion to your sound.”

I can’t help but notice that the plugin actually has three knobs, but I suppose that’s splitting hairs. 

You can link the low-cut and high-cut controls to the main knob via the line buttons, which will allow you to make changes to the linked parameters simultaneously. 

DHPlugins says the plugin “can add a gentle lift or face-melting heat to whatever you feed it.”

The developer adds that the plugin has “a simple interface and huge sound… Bass-Face is designed as an enhancer/drive unit, processing several effects to add character, drive, width, modulation, and presence to your sounds.”

The plugin has three modes (called types) to select from, each of which bumps up the drive and presence. 

Type 1 delivers gentle presence and space, Type 2 delivers saturation, presence and space while Type 3 produces a harsher drive and presence. All three types also add a subtle modulation. 

The controls are rounded out by Clip, which adds a no-frills hard clipper to the end of the signal chain, and Xtra, which boosts the spatial and modulation effects. 

DHPlugins produced a YouTube video walkthrough that shows the operation and features of the Bass-Face.

Sound Designer Joel Carlo commented on the plugin, saying “There is something oddly satisfying about the Type 1 setting – almost everything I’m running through it feels improved. It has a weird way of giving everything more weight while lifting it in the mix. Makes me want to run everything through it!”

Ram Records production duo SyRan said “Loving it, running super smooth and very resource friendly! It’s done wonders on beefing up some NI massive patches.”

It’s not clear when the introductory freebie deal will expire, so you’d better get in quick. 

However, the download process for Bass-Face is a little fiddly. To get the download link, you have to provide a physical address, email, and the whole hog. 

Bass-Face is a 64-bit-only release for AU, VST3, and AAX.

The plugin is compatible with OSX 10.8 or later and Windows 7 or later and requires 1 GB of hard drive space.

Download: Bass-Face (FREE for a limited time – regular price £15)


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      • No they don’t. I can think of maybe 5 plugins out of a couple of thousand I have on my machine. The ones that are over a GB aren’t simple fx plugins either. It’s plugins like Serato Sample that come with complex algorithms for dissecting audio. It’s definitely odd if this is coming in at 1 GB as a distortion/exciter plugin.

        • Oh? Cool, bud. 👍 I downloaded a plugin just a day or 2 ago that required 1.8GB of HD space; it was featured in one of the posts here on BPB.

          Seems software that requires more space is becoming more prevalent. You might consider catching up with the times and doing less growling at people on BPB. 😂

    • Not sure what you’re looking at but it’s no where near a gigabyte. The VST3 is like 48 mb. Even if you installed VST3/AAX/AU – it’s like 150 mb or something. Ya trippin

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