Free Yamaha R100 Impulse Responses By Winston Smith


Our reader Winston has released a free pack of reverb impulse responses captured from the Yamaha R100 reverb unit.

The pack contains 35 impulse responses, download size iz 14 MB. If you’re looking for a free convolution reverb VST, try using ReverberateLE by LiquidSonics.

Here’s a bit more info about the R100, quoted from

We used the r100 in one band i worked with. It’s a competent budget reverb i’d say… it’s got a 12k bandwidth which is a little up on the Microverb 1’s 10k, so it’s crispy enuff. It has Midi In socket and you can assign FX to patch numbers and select them from a sequencer etc. There is also a footswitch bypass for it… Once you’ve selected from the reverb types you can adjust pre-delay, reverb decay time & HF damping… the max reverb time goes up to 99 seconds, for looneyville reverb times…

In Delay mode you can adjust the decay time for L/R channel up to 500ms or 250ms in stereo & a seperate time for each channel… it’s a fairly simple straightforward midi fx unit that does really just reverbs and delays, but it also has a few combi programmes – nothing great, but useable for sure & for live gigs the midi changing could be a boon… short reverbs are best, the rooms & drum sounds which might make it ideal for that… but it’s quite a budget sound for the gigger reverbs…

Yamaha R100 IRs are available for free download via Google Docs. And here’s a Dropbox mirror.

Many thanks to Winston for sharing these great impulse responses with us!


Download Free Yamaha R100 IRs (mirror #1): click here
Download Free Yamaha R100 IRs (mirror #2): click here
Get ReverberateLE: click here

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  1. Awesome !
    Like with drums samples, there are never enough of those, always useful.

    Just your both links goes to ReverberateLE, only the “Google Docs” links goes to the impulses.
    Anyway, great share, thanks.

  2. Hi, thanks for creating the Yamaha R100 impulse response files. Would you be able to reupload these again please? Thanks.

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