Signaldust Updates Sweep Filter VST

Sweep by Signaldust.

Sweep by Signaldust.

Signaldust has released a new version of Sweep, a freeware overdriven filter effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

Since the response to this plugin has been overwhelmingly quiet, I’m going to assume that the general public didn’t really like the somewhat subtle distortion with fairly nasty overload if you tried to go beyond the “sweet spot”. So I figure, what the heck, let’s try again and took it back to the drawing board.

So 1.0 is here (since I’m fairly convinced I’m not going to do any more major changes), and unlike the previous versions, it now becomes smeary (not sure about big though) as you apply more resonance and drive. It’s a whole lot more predictable too. Might even be useful as a distortion device now.

Unlike the previous versions, it will now distort whatever you feed it, as long as you feed it with high-enough amplitude (which is not very high if you set the drive to maximum). Unlike the previous versions, the morphed responses keep their shapes much better when you feed it something with very high amplitude.

Sweep is available for free download via Signaldust.


Download Sweep VST: click here
Signaldust Website: click here

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