Glitch Machine by Stagecraft Software is FREE with any purchase at ADSR Sounds


Glitch Machine by Stagecraft Software is FREE with any purchase at ADSR Sounds.

There’s nothing like kicking the month off with a freebie, and that’s what we’re doing, thanks to Stagecraft Software and ADSR Sounds.

Throughout May 2024, you can get Stagecraft Software’s Glitch Machine ($60 value) free with any purchase at ADSR Sounds.

It doesn’t matter if you buy the most expensive or the cheapest product; Glitch Machine is yours.

Glitch Machine is a glitch and stutter FX plugin for macOS and Windows.

It seems to me that glitch and stutter plugins are somewhat of an acquired taste in the sense that they are often snapped up or dismissed instantly based on current needs.

What I mean by that is that if someone doesn’t need a stutter effect for a specific project right now, they are more likely to dismiss it entirely rather than save it for potential future use like they might with a different plugin.

But, like any effect, it’s handy to have in the toolbox whether you need it right now or not.

Glitch Machines allows you to control the probability of a stutter occurring at any given time. Once you select a section of your track, the plugin will display the incoming audio aligned with corresponding beats and sub-divisions. 

You can adjust the probability of a glitch/stutter for every beat and sub-division between zero and 100%.

The core functionality of Glitch Machines makes it easy to create precise patterns that are ideal for single-use/recurring phrases and stings or more complex and varied longer sequences.

Adding randomness within set limits might be great for genres like Minimal Techno when subtle variation is crucial (don’t overdo the variation, or you may lose your minimal credentials).

You can add more character by switching the feel to triplets, dotted notes, etc., and even throw in some pitch shifting within a selected scale.

All parameters are fully automatable, and Glitch Machine comes with a range of presets and the option to share custom presets with other users.

Glitch Machine will make easy work of the right job and sound great if used tastefully. If that’s not enough free glitching, check out the quirky BreadSlicer by Audio Blast.

Congratulations to the winners of our EQ6 Pro giveaway!

Check out the deal: Glitch Machine (FREE with any purchase at ADSR Sounds)


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