Free JoMoX XBase-09 Kick Samples By Tape Death


Tape Death has released a freebie pack featuring kick drum samples captured from the JoMoX XBase-09 drum machine.

If you like this pack, you should also check out the Roland MC202 sample pack released by Tape Death last year.

The Jomox XBase-09 is an analog drum machine based on Roland’s 909. The difference is like the Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fight in Way of the Dragon. They both got kicks, but at the end of the day Bruce Lee broke Chuck Norris’ fucking neck. The 909 is good, but the Jomox is better.

Our new sample pack consists of 53 samples from Hyphae’s XBase-09, created by Hyphae and Megatroid one hazy night in Hyphae’s studio. A secret weapon for years, we’re now sharing them with you cause we’re just good people. You can check out Megatroid’s new Jackie Onassis remix for a taste.

JoMoX XBase-09 kick drums are available for free download via Tape Death.


Download JoMoX XBase-09 kicks: click here
Tape Death Website: click here

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