Free Yamaha PSS-790 Drum Samples By Hardball Records


Hardball Records has released a free sample pack (for EXS24 and NI Kontakt) featuring the drum sounds recorded from Yamaha’s PSS-790 toy synth made back in the 80s.

I love using these cheap sounding and gritty drum hits from old toy keyboards – if you do too, check out my free Yamaha DD-8 sample pack.

“Listen to this”, said one of my composer friends, and then I heard a childish song with the sound of the 80’s – a sound so familiar and so close to my heart. The melody and arrangement had a light hint of retro and synth-pop, and I was especially interested in the powerful, lo-fi percussions.

I found out that the song was written using the Yamaha PSS-790, which came out at the end of the 1980’s, surprisingly large for a toy synth, with mini-keys, a wide range of sounds and an excellent design in tune with the spirit of the 80’s. Almost immediately, my friend and I started recording all the percussion sounds into one file, from which I made this awesome bank for the Logic EXS24 and NI Kontakt.

All sounds in this bank are the original sounds from the Yamaha PSS-790 without any kind of processing or effects. We also preserved the original volume differences among the sounds, although that doesn’t always sound that good…

Yamaha PSS-790 Drum Samples are available for free download via Hardball Records.

Audio Demo

Check out the Yamaha PSS-790 sample pack audio demo:

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Main features of the Yamaha PSS-790 sample pack:

  • 51 x drum samples
  • EXS24 instrument
  • Ni Kontakt instrument


Download Yamaha PSS-790 Drum Samples: click here
Hardball Records Website: click here

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