IK Mulitimedia’s Master Match Is FREE For A Limited Time


Master Match, a mastering plugin from IK Multimedia’s T-RackS 5 series that typically costs $99, is now FREE for a limited time at Audio Plugin Deals.

You can save almost one hundred dollars by downloading Master Match for free right now at Audio Plugin Deals, but you’ll have to hurry; this offer will only be available for a limited time.

Master Match uses reference tracks to create professional-sounding masters with minimal effort, optimizing playback across all platforms.

When I talk about mastering, I often quote one of my favorite engineers, Brian Lucey, who would refer to mastering as the last human interaction before a record goes out into the world.

I like the idea that mastering is a creative process that can help define the overall character of a record through the type of equipment used and the human choices made in the room. 

The trouble with the human element is that you’re paying for someone’s time, which can become very expensive, and that’s not realistic for most aspiring artists/bands.

The advent of plugins like Master Match and online mastering (LANDR), followed by a host of AI-based alternatives, provided far more accessible and cost-effective options.

Despite the many readily available resources these days, I still think mastering is misunderstood at a conversational level. In my first year studying music, I’d have been in the studio countless times, and I don’t mind saying I’d have had no idea what mastering was; I was eighteen, I played my parts, and what went on behind the glass wasn’t my business at that point.

If I had to use something like iZotope’s Ozone when I was eighteen, as great as it is, I wouldn’t have gotten the best results because there are opportunities to make poor choices. Coincidentally, Ozone 11 Elements is free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique throughout May 2024.

One of the things I like most about Master Match is that it’s almost foolproof for less experienced users because it has a simple three-step process:

Learn References – Learn Source – Match

You can add up to three reference tracks to the plugin, which will analyze them before applying the same spectral balance and loudness to your track as sensibly as possible.

If you aren’t completely satisfied, you can try mixing up the reference material. 

One concern about removing the human element is that you might end up with suitable perceived loudness across all devices while losing the track’s drive or energy, but by most accounts, Master Match keeps even the more experienced users happy with musical results.

Master Match has been around for a few years, but it will still save you time, money, and headaches when it comes to mastering. Everyone should grab it while it’s free, but if you’re a beginner or don’t have anything similar, it’s a no-brainer. 

Download: Master Match (FREE for a limited time – regular price $99)


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  1. Thanks James 🙏 BPB, IK & APD, a great giveaway of a very helpful audio plugin for analysing all kinds of audio sources 🥁

    • Michael in South Korea


      Me…. I usually wait to download a plugin mentioned here until I read the comments. Most of the time they’re positive, and then I get it.
      In a case like this… I pass.

      None the less, I’m a big fan of the work BPB does. Keep it up guys, we all love ya 🤗

      • Maybe it’s a pain to download and figure out everything just for the one plugin, but if you look this page often, you should take all t-racks plugins because there are some of the best hardware emulations and lot of quality plugins. Ik is giving them free constantly. If you have lot of them, the plugin management software is quite nice actually. You can delete all the automaticly installed extra TR5 plugins by hand and download again later if you buy or get one free.

  2. Dimitrios V.


    After some fiddling around it did work. At 1st it appeared as if I had to buy it but it got authorized eventually. The sad part is that I had to download all the 40something modules that I can’t use unless I buy them. Only classicEQ is free with some presets that seem fine. I deleted the rest for now…

      • personally, I avoid all IK Multimedia stuff, even free stuff, because of their install system – just not worth the hassle unless I was really invested in their ecosystem, and I’m not – and don’t want to be

      • just keep rinsing and repeating eventually it will behave and you will be given a serial code then you possibly have to persevere a bit more.

  3. Maybe a hassle, but when you get it, it’s no worse than some other install systems, and considerably better than the Waves model. You can pull out the stuff you don’t need/own. I’ve used one thing or another of theirs for years. Free smart plugins are a good idea, even if you have other free smart plugins. This particular freebie is smart enough to wake up dry loops. Used with the free quad imager they gave away recently, it’s like opening a window on tired files. And not a distortion knob anywhere.

  4. I tried to download this and wow, was a very unnecessary experience. I ended up uninstalling and deleting everything to do with IK Multimedia. First I had to create an account, then download then authorization manager, then download the product manager, and then unlock the product I authorized, and other products were included, which was so confusing, and then, finally, the product manager wouldn’t let me download the actual plugin. I received an Error code. I was like, enough is enough, I am uninstalling everything. I have to give them credit though for providing an easy uninstall app with each of their app downloads.

  5. MultipliedCow


    I can’t get past the APD website. I go to check out and there is no checkout screen. I don’t have issues w/IK Multimedia like others do. I get that it’s not the best method for downloading, but it’s not as bad as people let on. Same with Waves. No problems on my end.

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