GForce AXXESS Synth Is FREE With Any Loopcloud Subscription


GForce’s analogue synth emulation plugin, AXXESS, is currently free with a Loopcloud subscription until June 2. 

AXXESS is a faithful emulation of the Arp AXXE, a hardware synthesizer designed to be user-friendly and affordable.

However, it builds on that with additional unique features that we will get into.

Loopcloud has 3 subscription tiers available: Artist, Studio, and Professional, priced at $8, $12, and $22 per month respectively. 

AXXESS normally costs £66 but you can get it for free with any subscription tier Loopcloud offers. 

AXXESS is described by GForce as “a master of bass with its fantastic giant sound and a super fun sequencer that will surprise you”.

It comes with lots of features, as well as with 350 inspiring presets to choose from, and a fully resizable UI that is always great to see.

The main oscillator can be crafted with ADSR and a blend of sawtooth and square waves, a noise generator and an additional sub-oscillator.

LFO’s, voltage-controlled filter and a unique sample/hold can be used to further tweak the sound to your liking.

Other than these main features of the ARP Axxe, AXXESS comes with a whole bunch of other controls.

These include unison, mono or 6-note polyphony, a sub oscillator, arpeggiator and a 16-step sequencer, an FX module and a unique addition called X-Modifiers.

The unison mode allows you to tweak the detune amount and stereo spread with a choice of CNT or RND mode.

CNT mode will arrange the low to high notes from left to right in the stereo field (like a piano) and RND will put the notes in random positions in stereo.

The built-in FX module includes distortion, delay, and reverb modules which are simple, however, nice to have right there in the plugin.

X-Modifiers is a feature that takes the AXXESS to a new level, like the “Axxe on steroids.”

It features X-LFO and X-ADSR that allow you to modulate almost every parameter in the synth, and add another layer of complexity to the sound.

You simply select the parameter you wish to modulate, go to town with the X-LFO and ADSR, and move on to the next.

This way you have the best of both worlds between analog and digital synthesis.

AXXESS is available for Windows and Mac (with Intel & Apple Silicon Native support), in Standalone, VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

Get the deal: Loopcloud (Get GForce AXXESS for FREE with any subscription until June 2nd)

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