Free Fairlight CMI IIx Patches For Kontakt Released By Cosmosis


Cosmosis has released a set of free Fairlight CMI IIx patches (based on a set of samples freely available online) for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The legality of this release has been discussed on KVR Forums – worth a read if you’re interested in the origin of the samples used in this pack.

Here we have the complete Fairlight CMI IIX library all ready to be loaded in Kontakt. For those unaware, the Fairlight was the mother of all samplers with 8-note polyphony, 16 kB of memory, sequencer and MIDI, it was a complete workstation that offered ways to produce sounds unheard before.

This library is a 152MB download (470MB uncompressed), and it includes 502 nki patches with precise looping where applicable, 1,001 16/44 MONO WAV samples, and some custom scripting to allow the control of the low-pass filter, bit crusher, mono with unison and portamento, and all can be switched off to completely bypass them. These samples and patches are undressed, raw, aliased and warmly old-school. They were recorded from the original factory floppies and from the output of an actual Fairlight by Rob Brady.

Even thought this is been offered for free, I would gladly accept donations. As you can imagine, it took endless hours of looping, editing an pasting code into 502 NKIs.

Fairlight CMI IIx for Kontakt is available for free download via fabel2112 blog.


Download Fairlight CMI IIx For Kontakt: click here

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