B.Serrano Releases Redshift 3, A Freeware Multi-Effect VST Plugin

Redshift 3 by B.Serrano.

Redshift 3 by B.Serrano.

B.Serrano has released Redshift 3, a freeware multi-effect (phaser/delay/ensemble/vibrato) VST plugin for Windows.

Pitch shifter / delay / phaser / chorus… according TO your settings! Don’t hesitate to tweak all parameters, Red Shift 3 will TAKE YOU BY SURPRISE… For SUBTLE FX OR SMASHED UP SOUNDS. YOU Choose…

Redshift 3 is available for free download via B.Serrano’s website.


Main features of Redshift 3:

  • 2 pitching scales: Semi-tones or Octave.
  • Separate settings for Left / Right channels.
  • 2 host-syncable LFOs.
  • 1 graphical sequencer (16 steps).
  • 1 XY pad controller for Left / Right channels.
  • 1 Modulation matrix.


Download Redshift 3: click here
B.Serrano’s Website: click here

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