Free Acoustic Drum Kit Kick And Snare Samples By John Haddad


Ultimate Metal Forum member John Haddad has released a set of free acoustic kick and snare samples in AIFF audio format.

Here are some Samples I created for my Indie Rock band, I know Indie Rock isn’t metal… But I’m a metal producer so I figured they had a metal edge to them. There are eq’d and un-eq’d samples without compression or verb. Enjoy!

Drum kits Include 26″ DW Collectors Kicks and 22″ Pearl Reference Kicks. The snare samples are from a 6.5″ Tama Starclassic Maple shell with powerstroke 3 batter head tuned to about 88-90 on Drum Dial.

P.S. The files are maily .aif files hope all you PC peeps can open them. I don’t own a PC so I have no idea if they are compatible.

The pack is available for free download via Ultimate Metal Forum.


Download Free Kick & Snare Samples: click here
Trench Studios Website: click here

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