Free PDF File Containing All Kim Lajoie Production Tutorials!


Kim Lajoie has been publishing lots of interesting music production tutorials on his blog. They are also available in a nice PDF file which has recently been updated.

I’m very pleased to release, with permission from the author, a PDF document that includes all posts published so far in Kim Lajoie’s “Lifesigns from the studio” Internet blog ( I consider his blog an amazing resource with plenty of technical (and not only) informations of absolute relevance about the art of music production and songwriting. I thought it would have been very useful having all these awesome informations available offline in the form of a searchable and indexed PDF document.

It’s a great read, covering various aspects of music production, from compression and EQ tips, to workflow enhancements and much more.

Kim Lajoie tutorials are available for free download via KVR Forums.


Download Kim Lajoie Tutorials: click here
Kim Lajoie’s Blog: click here

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