FreeBee – A Free 3D Flying Insect Simulation For NI Kontakt!

FreeBee by Durk Kooistra.

FreeBee by Durk Kooistra.

Durk Kooistra has released FreeBee, a free 3D flying insect simulation (!) for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Since I have been working on a set of Kontakt instruments for Audiomotif I became more and more interrested in Kontakt as a sound design tool. While mainly engineered towards the chromatic instrument simulations – Kontakts built in effects and scripting language allows you to create very effective sound design tools. Besides sound design tools designed for post production there is also a new line of synth’s and drum instruments coming out next month. (Audiomotif – Electro Tech Vol 01)

What else but a bee would be our simulation? A freebie bee – Right enough with the wordplay. The instrument is using a HP filter to mimic the size of the insect (more bass equals a bee – medium a wasp and only high’s for a fly). There is panning control and  X-Y shifts;  going from wide to narrow relative of it’s center. There is an EQ section you can use to enhence some frequencies when using a more extreme pitched keys (C1>C2 – C5>C6). The sample used is a synthesized sound and is being looped.

One word: awesome! FreeBee is available for free download via Durk Kooistra.

Video Demo

Check out the FreeBee demo video:


Download FreeBee: click here
Durk Kooistra Online: click here

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