Free Glitched Piano Rack For Ableton Live By AfroDJMac


AfroDJMac has released Glitched Piano for Ableton Live, featuring piano samples recorded with the Singing Fingers iPad app.

I’ve been experimenting with various apps on the iPad, and one of my favorite ones is a sampling app called Singing Fingers. This app records sound as you draw on the iPad with your finger. You then play the sounds back by tracing over what you have drawn. The sound changes depending on how fast and which direct you move your finger. It’s very easy to use, creates interesting sounds, and is fun. So, I decided to record some notes from my piano (the same piano from my reverse piano rack) into the app, and then I sampled the result into Ableton. By nature, the app has a granular-glitch type sound to it, and this is pretty evident in the sound of the rack I have created, “AfroDJMac’s Glitched Piano.” Have fun with it!

Glitched Piano is available for free download via AfroDJMac’s website.

Video Demo

Check out the Glitched Piano demo video:


Download Glitched Piano: click here
AfroDJMac Online: click here

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