Stomp2 – Freeware Kick Drum Synth By Audiosonic

Stomp2 by Audiosonic.

Stomp2 by Audiosonic.

Audiosonic has released Stomp2, a freeware kick drum synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

Stomp2 creates kicks of an ‘electronic nature’. Low sinewave at maximum output results in tight earthshaking bassdrum sounds often heard in modern electronic music genres. Through pitch and amplifier parameters you sculpt an output guaranteed to match your bassline 100%!

Stomp2 is available for free download via Audiosonic.

Audio Demo

Check out the Stomp2 audio example:


Main features of Stomp2:

  • Easy pitch adjustment to match your bassline
  • Intuitive GUI with tooltips and help
  • Full MIDI CC# and VST automation of all parameters


Download Stomp2: click here
Audiosonic Website: click here

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