Free SQ-80 Hush Rack By AfroDJMac


AfroDJMac has released SQ-80 Hush Rack, a free Ableton Live Rack based on a free SQ-80 sample set by Waveformless.

Today is an exciting day for me, it marks six months of releasing these Ableton Live Racks for your downloading pleasure. I want to thank you for your support and kind words, it means a lot to me and has made this a truly exciting project to work on. A big reason I do this is to meet new people and share ideas and music with people I would otherwise have no way of reaching; I thought that this 26th Ableton Rack should reflect that.

One great soldier of information in the electronic music community is Tom who writes the blog Waveformless. The motto of the site is a “Freeform discussion of electronic music and the techniques and gear used in making it.” I highly recommend checking it out and exploring the vast information from synthesizer news to free sample Fridays. This weeks Free Ableton Live Rack was created using some of Tom’s free samples. Thanks to Tom for sharing these samples and letting me rack them up for everybody’s enjoyment!

SQ-80 Hush Rack is available for free download via AfroDJMac.

Video Demo

Check out the SQ-80 Hush Rack demo video:


Download SQ-80 Hush Rack: click here
AfroDJMac’s Website: click here

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