Twister Series Plugins Released As Freeware!

OttoPhilter by Music Unfolding.

OttoPhilter by Music Unfolding.

Music Unfolding has re-released their Twister Series AU plugin bundle as freeware (Mac only).

You kept emailing. We gave in. Music Unfolding’s Audio Units are back. The biggest sale ever… 100% off everything! All of Music Unfolding’s software has been upgraded to 64 bit. Feel free to download any product you’d like free of charge. You may not resell or redistribute any of Music Unfolding’s products without our written permission.

If you’d like to make a donation, please support Dr. Denise Faustman’s research for type 1 diabetes. Learn more about children with type 1 diabetes and Dr. Faustman’s research at the Help Cure Childhood Diabetes website.

Twister Series plugins are available for free download via Music Unfolding (donations for supporting Help Cure Childhood Diabetes are welcome).


Download Twister Series: click here
Music Unfolding Website: click here

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