Abstract Chamber – A Free Reverb VST By Signaldust

Abstract Chamber by Signaldust.

Abstract Chamber by Signaldust.

Signaldust has released Abstract Chamber, a freeware reverb effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

Abstract Chamber is my new super simple (interface wise anyway) reverb plugin. As is obvious from the screenshot, this isn’t exactly a tweakers dream. Instead I’ve done my best to minimize the controls so it can be setup in about ten seconds.

This is pretty much the polar opposite of my previous reverb Tila in almost every way imaginable. In fact it was designed to be so from the very beginning: this one was designed for long modulated tails. The two also play fairly well together so I’ve had some success using them together in series or parallel (ie Tila for early character, this one for tails). YMMV.

Anyway, this been in development forever and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need yet another algorithm for the “ultimate reverb of unlimited flexiblity” so I’m releasing it as-is in hope that it’s useful.

Abstract Chamber is available for free download via KVR Forums.


Download Abstract Chamber: click here
Signaldust Website: click here

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