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Oli Larkin Releases pMix – Free Plugin Preset Interpolator For Mac

pMix by Oli Larkin.

pMix by Oli Larkin.

Oli Larkin has released pMix, a free plugin preset interpolator and plugin chainer utility in VST plugin format for Mac.

Oli Larkin has released version 1.0 of pMix, a free sound design, composition and performance tool for Mac OS X that allows you to morph between VST plug-in presets using an intuitive graphical interface. Presets are represented by coloured balls that are positioned on a 2D plane. The size of each ball and its proximity to the cursor affects the weight of the associated preset in the interpolation.

Morphing between presets often results in the discovery of interesting hybrid sounds. By constraining sound manipulations within a predesigned “interpolation space” complex transitions can be achieved that would otherwise be hard to manage.

pMix is available for free download in the Mac App Store. After the Binaural Beat Generator released this week, here’s another nice piece of software that makes me wish I had a Mac. It’s quite subtle, though. :)

Video Demo

Check out the pMix demo video:


Download pMix: click here
Oli Larkin’s Website: click here

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