Tekky Synths Updates PsYbAsSyX FREE VSTi Synth To Version 4

PsYbAsSyX FREE by Tekky Synths.

PsYbAsSyX FREE by Tekky Synths.

Tekky Synths has released an udated version of PsYbAsSyX FREE, their freeware synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

Tekky Synths has updated PsYbAsSyX to version 4.0, which integrates a new scaling system developed by Tekky Synths. ScaLer creates scales from inputed keys and enhances the melodic feel for randomized sequences.

PsYbAsSyX FREE is available for free download via Tekky Synths.

Video Demo

Check out the PsYbAsSyX PRO (commercial plugin) demo video:


Download PsYbAsSyX FREE: click here
Tekky Synths Online: click here

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