Free Version Of World Sounds Deluxe By loops de la crème

World Sounds Deluxe Free Demo.

World Sounds Deluxe Free Demo.

loops de la crème has released a free version of their World Sounds Deluxe sample library, featuring 60 samples and 1 Kontakt patch from the full product.

This small sample pack is a free demo of the World Sounds DELUXE SET, a percussion sample collection. The demo features 6 instruments: large tom (one variation), Djembe (slap hit), Bamboo (one bamboo only, played with nails), Ghana double bell (high bell), Cuban large shaker (one playing technic), Drumsticks, one reverb impulse response (symphonic hall), one Kontakt patch.

The World Sounds series will hopefully continue to expand with the release of highly detailed versions of some of these instruments, with extended playable keys, new samples and bonus loops. Please support the development of such sample collections by purchasing some of the available sample packs.

World Sounds Deluxe demo is available for free download via loops de la crème. The complete World Sounds Deluxe library is priced at €12.

Audio Demo

Check out the World Sounds Deluxe audio demo:


Download Free World Sounds Deluxe: click here
loops de la crème On Bandcamp: click here

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