Unusual Percussion 2 For Ableton Live Released By AfroDJMac


AfroDJMac has released Unusual Percussion 2, a free Ableton Live rack featuring 309 unique percussive sounds.

This week I release my 50th free weekly Ableton Live rack! It’s a continuation of my study in unusual percussion.  It features three drum racks packed with a total of 309 different percussive sounds.  These sounds range from the ordinary to the extreme edges of glitchy madness.  The video shows my method of sampling and then resampling to create tons of different sounds quickly.

Unusual Percussion 2 is available for free download via AfroDJMac.

Video Demo

Check out the Unusual Percussion 2 demo video:


Download Unusual Percussion 2: click here
AfroDJMac Online: click here

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