Free Tube Amp Plugin By SoundToys (iLok Key Required)

Little Radiator by SoundToys.

Little Radiator by SoundToys.

SoundToys has released Little Radiator, a free (only for registered iLok users, though) Altec 1566A tube mic preamp emulation.

Everyone needs a little warmth in their life. Little Radiator models the classic sound of the Altec 1566A mic preamp, and lets you spread some analog tube magic on your mixes. This was one of the main sounds from the classic Motown mixes, became a secret weapon of boutique producers, and is now a vital part of the sound of bands like the Black Keys. Why? Give it a listen and hear. Subtle warmth, or driving grit, all the things you need to shake the “clean” off of your computer recording. Now you’re getting that warm feeling.

In case you have an iLok lying around, you can download Little Radiator via SoundToys. You’ll also need some sort of code, I’ve seen quite a few of those being shared in the KVR Forum thread.

Out of interest, do any of you guys have an iLok? Always seemed like quite a hassle to me.


Little Radiator Homepage: click here
Little Radiator On KVR Forums: click here

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